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The Dongsi Hotel (Dongsi Fandian) stands in the central area of Beijing,  with walking distance from Dongsi Station of Metro Line 5. About a 30-minute drive sees guests to the airport. Many popular attractions can be reached within walking distance from the hotel,  such as Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City,  Jingshan Park,  Houhai Pub Street and Yonghe Palace.[View Detail]

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  • cabbagec
  • answer17
    I feel pretty good
  • cindyxyan
    General feel also can out convenient away from Metro near, around dinner of shop also good, economic affordable, taste also is good. with elderly children a five mouth, live in a floor, because in small alley in's is quiet sleep of is good. requirements not is high words, is worth recommended. last a late saw staying has a foreigners, has 7 8 people's. is morning eat breakfast of point too more, portal to North turn about has a is small is small of breakfast shop, South of alley near pointsHaven't found where breakfast is served.
  • e00250760
    The hotel's location was very convenient! accompany the elderly Beijing, staying here is very convenient; dark alleys, quiet environment; location, convenient affordable. later to accompany the elderly friends to Beijing, staying here is the preferred!
  • glori
    Very clean, room is the bad air, and the Windows were too high
  • jumboliu
    Good place! meals, lodging is convenient
  • lamdai
    Free parking provided by the hotel is small, but very useful.
  • Joey9090
    Nice, service was excellent.
  • Dentsu_geng
    Hotel Nice, convenient, courteous service, and really good, next time you come to Beijing also live here.
  • andywangplaypig
    Second, good environment
  • cts2003
    The room is not very good, location is a little hard to find
  • cruis
    Very good. cheap price
  • jjtang15
    Location is the biggest advantage, next to many of the convenient transportation, health. air conditioning is cool but not cold is not bad, is the water does not go under, washing a need to wait for a few minutes, quality of service can be better.
  • autumn19830915
    Environment is also in full compliance with the choice for business travel, health and no problem, just hot water cage TOU Shui is very small, air conditioning wall performance weaknesses, whatever in the fall, the key is cost-effective and affordable.
  • ceepbit
    It's really good that there is no breakfast
  • pennyyan4
    Great location, around eating good, room was small but very clean, stayed for 3 days and then continued to live, only replaced
  • e01743473
    To MOM and dad, back reflect very good health, quiet, and convenient transportation, Metro is at the door
  • mos148
    Very good
  • octoberyun
    Alley alley friends is a feature of Beijing for the first time should think this hotel is hard to find; Because every time you take a taxi to hotel different drivers use navigation to find location da tofu;
  • feverfever
    Room than smaller 10 square around, has Windows, but inside too crude has. air conditioning bad, requirements later fix has. If in lots Shang, Hou is can of. but service too general has, second days wants to morning check out, wants to stuff put here, then noon to took, total Taiwan said; not can, Beijing provides of. but with lots behind day in other hotel is can of. Description what does? service Ah!
  • dajipeter
    Very good location, very close to the subway station, East exit and get off at four. walk to the Wangfujing, Chang an Street, not far from convenient surrounding shops, restaurants, supermarkets are very convenient. room nice, small but fully equipped, sanitary conditions are also very good, bathroom was clean, clean, and overall satisfaction.
  • meimei2277
    Within the second ring core, find this traffic is very convenient, quiet clean easy to do State-owned hotels have been satisfactory, especially three minutes to travel East four metro stations.
  • abbyge
    Relative clauses, listen to feedback well.
  • sealola
    Good location, very convenient and the environment is good, praise
  • juniper
    Hotel location is very good, wherever convenient, very quiet. next time you come to live here.
  • dysjd
    The location is really good, all attractions are easily. in the alley next to many restaurants, easy to eat.
  • bingxiao
    Together with your family to play, location very good, going out is not far from subway station. is parking place was very dirty
  • baiyang741
    Floor drain is blocked, water flooded my foot ... you can imagine.
  • engp5609
    OK, is still a little way away from Tiananmen Square, services
  • wj836
    OK, basically satisfied with is the wireless network signal strength is poor
  • adinstruments
    Live Inn in the future
  • Lamel132
    Overall feel can also help a relative clause, still offers
  • e01814369
    Good! the equivalent! Good! the equivalent!
  • JLJ11
    Good location, convenient, cost-effective high
  • Octai
    Convenient, affordable
    Service and security is good, traffic special convenient go two hundred or three hundred meters is East four metro station. around are has eat of shop. hotel opposite several step alley child mouth, on has a between small food shop, although crude, has bun wonton noodles porridge, eat, boss also honest, early in the at six o'clock on door, special don't for catch travel. hotel for security reason not custody luggage, but also is human of rent has half a between House to we put luggage, points praise. but is no elevator, highest three floor. GeneralWhich is very nice.
  • e00044640
    Good location, near subway near, convenience, snacks around quite a lot, if we can increase hosting better
  • bellyinr
    Service is good, the hotel is very clean
  • msruan
    Hotel was very comfortable and convenient, and is close to the Metro station approach
  • jlbacon
    From the subway pretty close, more convenient transportation. no elevator, upstairs water pressure is small, air conditioning is not very good, relatively old facilities, hair dryer, needed to pay a deposit of 100 recipients at the front desk. service line
  • Janet52099
    This hotel is too with price has! distance Metro station walk 5 minutes. lane to East go has real beauty big stores, to West is longfu Temple Street, East four North Street many shop. near of reported room alley and ceremony scholar alley in has several restaurant are is delicious, recommended that Yunnan dish, sheep Scorpion, chunbing home dish. hotel itself environment aspects, although is 2009 years decoration of, but keep have is good, not think old. is towel towel General old has, the for a for has! Because the old people and children, incorporates triple two twin beds, sleeping is very beautiful, especially in area b, quiet! (A, district three room room although area big, Windows big, but big bed is 1.5 meters, think has small so didn't to) bathroom of hot is with hot tank burn of, enough. most intimate of is has bath PA, bath is are not cold! recommends hotel will eliminated of towel modified do to towel on perfect has. dad mom on this between hotel very satisfaction! yihou again toBeijing play live here!
  • andy_yuan30
    Very general
  • toyrn65
    Good location, convenient! to Beijing is not much to choose from.
  • e00109431
    Hotel in the perfect location, very convenient, line 5, line Line 6 d or g to walk for about 5 minutes, belong to the naozhongqujing. convenient to the attractions, the alley East of four spicy crab price quite high, 4-person dinner of 100 to 200 to fix.
  • martinou
    Hotel location hard to find, I was looking on the Internet, in accordance with the map is easy to find, online introduction, location is near the subway and four stations, from Dongsi g MTR Exit, turn left, Baishi meters is the tofu alley, walking about 100 meters up. Hotel environment is clean, no noisy sound. Health within the hotel is very clean, simple room facilities for air conditioning is not used on the end of September, but occasionally under veryFast cool down, television not is more, like at least of Central 2,3 are no, Beijing Taiwan has several, other Shang star of TV probably also on Tianjin TV also has one or two a remember not too associate of place TV, but main purpose not view TV of, also is enough door need card, staying Shi to do of, 100 Yuan deposit, checkout Shi returned, is convenient. Dong SI junction there is a supermarket and can also scale, general supplies, I sometimes get some fruitWhat's. Four intersections to the North-East there are a few shops, eating can be. Dong SI junction on the edge of longfusi Temple is free, very noisy in the morning, snack Street website my personal feeling, not too high expectations: line Line 5 Line 6 line
  • donwu21
    Breakfast was very good, mostly around residents, Metro station, near the capital Theatre, about a 20-minute walk to Wangfujing pedestrian street. WiFi only too easy to drop and can only connect one device ...
  • blue7284
    I feel pretty good
  • alice papa
    Very good location
  • Benlee7217511
    Alley clean good service at the front desk
  • e02585002
    Very good