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The Dongsi Hotel (Dongsi Fandian) stands in the central area of Beijing,  with walking distance from Dongsi Station of Metro Line 5. About a 30-minute drive sees guests to the airport. Many popular attractions can be reached within walking distance from the hotel,  such as Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City,  Jingshan Park,  Houhai Pub Street and Yonghe Palace.[View Detail]

住客评论 1515条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • revintino
    Hotel very standardized, geographical environment is very good, very close to the Metro station.
  • saraluo
    All right
  • somaron
    Location is hard to find, the traffic is convenient, this lot can be affordable!
  • lengxue007
    Hotel facilities are older, but the traffic is very convenient, front desk staff very helpful ... though a little episode happened, but Customer Service Manager to handle the problem well, good attitude, next to Beijing also live here.
  • pengxu520
    Is good, the traffic is very convenient, very clean
  • lee843
    All right
  • tearingsun
    Beijing best!
  • bblovestory
    Generally, I thought it was a type of hotel, in fact, ordinary hotel
  • cat8638526
    Hotel is located in the Centre of Beijing, is near from the Wangfujing Street, in order to look at the National Art Museum of China, chose the store, walk more than 10 minutes to the hotel facilities, bed very clean ... breakfast is also very good.
  • dopro
    Away from Tiananmen Square, near Wangfujing Street, very close to the Metro, easy access.
  • all007
    You Windows, triple room has no Windows! air conditioning is very poor, very poor light, services in General.
  • Jenny122
    Good location. transportation convenience. quiet. alley rich benefits. the room is too small.
  • llwxb
    In a small alley, quieter, and wash room card, safe, cost-effective high. no luggage, check out before 12 to get back to.
  • Solution13
    Good, convenient
  • autumn19830915
    Environment is also in full compliance with the choice for business travel, health and no problem, just hot water cage TOU Shui is very small, air conditioning wall performance weaknesses, whatever in the fall, the key is cost-effective and affordable.
  • e00170526
    The price is very good.
  • dx20101010
    Can, can, can, Granny's front desk is.
  • goodcuby
    Convenient, very close to the Metro, restaurants, travel, great.
  • boatsingle
    Such a lot, is it! is the noise is really bad, unless you get up early, or terribly noisy.
  • jinpeng8844
    Hotels in exceptionally good health, air conditioning is to force, shower hot enough front desk service is also very good, the most important living here is very convenient to travel to Beijing, bus station, walked two steps to the Metro station very close
  • d447055618
    Good location, convenient traffic, line 5, Line 6 line can go to a number of attractions and Wangfujing near and comfortable
  • feverfever
    Room than smaller 10 square around, has Windows, but inside too crude has. air conditioning bad, requirements later fix has. If in lots Shang, Hou is can of. but service too general has, second days wants to morning check out, wants to stuff put here, then noon to took, total Taiwan said; not can, Beijing provides of. but with lots behind day in other hotel is can of. Description what does? service Ah!
  • dysjd
    The location is really good, all attractions are easily. in the alley next to many restaurants, easy to eat.
  • jialingyang
    Went to Beijing to participate in the examination of the hotel, good location next to the Medical Association, convenient distance of Tiananmen is very short, just a few minutes walk to the ... next time I go to also live here.
  • glori
    Very clean, room is the bad air, and the Windows were too high
  • baiyang741
    Floor drain is blocked, water flooded my foot ... you can imagine.
  • moon_ll
    Second stay, was supposed to be for one week, only this time because of the reservation are anxious only to three days, followed by reserved, so again, book a hotel to find other, next time you want to book in advance
  • ddwdance
    Hotels in an alley, very quiet ... From 5th, 6th station very close to public transport is also very convenient! the room clean and tidy, the only flaw is the pillow uncomfortable ... Others are perfect!
  • deanxu
    Very good convenient special security service very good
  • pig_pig
    Nice, affordable
  • xucx486
    In such of price interval, hotel basic also line. due to in Alley inside, compared hard to find, just out Metro station Shi, asked has many bit Beijing people, are said didn't heard had here has a hotel, fortunately has Baidu map only found. familiar has pour think travel is convenient, away from Metro Line 4 line g export insufficient 500 meters's, family in Beijing five days, do has three Zhang a cartoon, settlement down, Metro bus fee only 105 Yuan, let children deep to falls in love with Metro has. Hotel maximum of problemIs has cheats, posing as what travel agency, recommended to Badaling great wall tour, to easy, we make has money (he to we guarantee no other costs), and sent second days morning 5:30 sent car to see flag ceremony. This wants to all properly, second days morning to has collection points, let we make receipt Hou again to we so-called of tourism contract, and told we not containing addition charges attractions, didn't thought participate in finished flag ceremony, collection car, guide on began told discipline, like everyone areNot familiar, anti-people of heart not has, each other between don't chat, also don't asked himself has make has how many money, Badaling folk wild and so on, this wants to also may for career need, reminded everyone note security, didn't thought this is let we differentiation of purpose (cannot solidarity up). zhihou on said we in hotel in make of money is basic tour, which 80% are was introduced of people charged has, not make money on put we from high-speed Shang put down, please dishes and so on. wants to wants to out not easy,Not for points money effect has mood, later make has money, everyone 150, didn't thought all day only 1 hours in Deng wall time, other time or blocking in car Shang, or is in shopping points participate in forced recommended, most annoyed of is Deng of wall is water shut wall, not traditional of hero tablet of wall, no wonder we asked has a wear uniforms of security, hero tablet in which? he said hero Tablet split has, at I also heart and aerobic and funny, laugh he silly forced, didn't thought in he eye in,We are a group of idiot cheated ... so the poor impression of this hotel a lot, cheat cheat in the lobby, this is not complicit in it? so give bad reviews!
  • binss
    Nearby eating, traveling, shopping is very convenient, from the company, affordable, highly recommended!
  • jjtang15
    Location is the biggest advantage, next to many of the convenient transportation, health. air conditioning is cool but not cold is not bad, is the water does not go under, washing a need to wait for a few minutes, quality of service can be better.
  • moya776
    Right near Dongsi, find
  • dianda502
    Room is clean of, is small has, facilities is are complete. a floor also is quiet, no odor. not far has a incense spicy crab hotel, I pour think he home of incense spicy shrimp delicious. sat Metro not far. but to go day are not to in front desk put about luggage, is depressed no, over one hours, last pay has half room. Beijing service personnel to I of impression is General not enthusiasm. Although attractions is classic, but self sat Metro play also is tired.
  • a774740683
    Location is very good, Wangfujing has only one station, next to Dong SI Metro, hotel is very clean.
  • m01341428
    Transport facilities, four East MTR Station Exit d left, find the alley walk to. Security, and clean, is the water heater does not give force, lesbian shower shampoo needs to rest in the Middle waiting for heating, room was large, the ceilings high enough, no feeling of oppression, wanted to add for a day, but says no room is host to France.
  • jsxiayu
    Overall, the feeling is good, is surrounded by old Beijing Hutong, walking five minutes from the Metro, nice dinner out of the alley and turn a corner, is also very convenient. price is not expensive ... overall good. especially go upstairs and brush room cards, security measures are in place.
  • m02757073
    Hotel location good, tight next to Metro 6, Line 5 line. out are is sat Metro, is convenient. also next to Wangfujing Street, about 20 minutes away. is Hotel Internet somewhat trouble, must a a people a account, if to colleagues Shang phone and computer on no, must find front desk switch. no left-luggage of place, away from shop Shi not is convenient. other also can.
  • leoren
    Special security measures in place, comfortable, nice, and security
  • bjcb2008
    Bed no charge, 211 cannot lock the Windows, close to Metro station and the room was spacious, bright
  • wawaMimu
    I feel pretty good, very clean, location is good. anyway good. I feel pretty good, very clean, location is good. anyway good. I feel pretty good, very clean, location is also good. to sum up all right.
  • lu1765
    Location is near the subway, in the alley, and the quiet surrounding. relatively simple equipment and facilities, toilet, no separation of wet and dry, but it is also completely and clean. Service staff very friendly.
  • leony_lee
    Good location, cleaning needs to be strengthened.
  • angela_yan
    Nice, very convenient traffic, few minutes walk to the subway station, the surrounding tapas restaurants are pretty much. really easy, health is fine, just because when you leave the hotel a little blood being taken out of money, a little plug.
  • sunny9925
    Really think it's good, other hotel rooms than it did before I lived in Beijing to be slightly larger, clean health. it's easy to go out and near the Metro, bus stop ... waiters very friendly. next to Beijing is ready to go live.
  • bjpavel
    Cheap high performance-price ratio
  • donwu21
    Breakfast was very good, mostly around residents, Metro station, near the capital Theatre, about a 20-minute walk to Wangfujing pedestrian street. WiFi only too easy to drop and can only connect one device ...
  • vider
    Room is too broken, no network television but bad, computers are also bad, either too cold or too cold air conditioning, adjustment are not adjustable, water temperature not hot, one cold water, access to security!
  • yitianruo
    Location didn't say, g from Dong SI station is close to the exit, in the alley, is very quiet at night. hotels and health now! no disposable slippers, WiFi only last QQ micro-what is safe